IE Pinball League

Pinball League @ Lake Alice

What is Pinball League @ Lake Alice?

The Inland Empire Pinball Association hosts a weekly pinball league Tuesdays @ 7pm at Lake Alice Trading Co. in Riverside, CA. There are typically two seasons per year lasting 16 weeks per season.

Each week members are placed into groups of 4 (sometimes 3) to compete match-play style on 5 different machines. Points are awarded to each player dependant upon their placement. The last week for the season consists of finals matches where the top 8 "A" division and top 8 "B" division players battle for prizes! Members are expected to be able to attend an entire season and must join at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately new members may not join mid-season due to our league structure.

We welcome players of all skill levels! Joining the league is a great way to improve your pinball skills and to learn new machines. We have many top-level players that are more than happy to teach rulesets and strategies to anyone that wishes to learn. Dues for a single season are $45 along with coin drop each week for the games played.

Current Game Lineup* (subject to change)

Doctor Who
Twilight Zone
Road Kings
Mousin' Around

Summer Information
Begins May 8, 2018

Come join us on May 8, 2018 for the summer season!

League Details

Players are placed into 4-player groups (sometimes 3) with 5 games played each meeting. League dues are $45 which will go toward the prize pot at the end of the season.

A point system will be used for ranking game play: 4 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd, 1 point for 4th, 0 points for no-show / no "banked" games.

Advance play / banked games can be used when a player needs to miss a week. Players may play ahead and "bank" as many games as they want which will be used in the event the player needs to miss a meeting. Advance play can be recorded at any time during league night but should not interfere with regular game play.

Make-up games are not allowed. No exceptions.

Players will have their 3 lowest meeting scores from the season dropped from their record.

Check-in for weekly meetings can be done anytime between Wednesday and 7pm the following Tuesday. Checking-in is required for placement on the playing grid. Players can check in by either emailing or texting Laura ( or 9092143691).

If a player cannot attend a meeting and there are no available banked games, the player will receive 0 points for the meeting.

Game play grids will be generated at 7:15pm, with game play starting immediately after that. For players who check in that they are attending but come late, they will join their group already in progress and can play missed games as the night progresses. To reiterate - Players that do not check in will be labeled absent, will not be included in the meeting's game play grid and receive 0 points for the meeting.

Please play league games as they are available. There is no waiting for a specific game if other unplayed games are open. If multiple games are available for play, the lowest ranked player or previous game loser will choose the game.

Game play order will be determined as follows: For the 1st game, order will be chosen with lowest ranked player choosing 1st-4th, then the next lowest ranked person chooses, and so on. After the 1st game, the loser will choose 1st-4th, and then the next lowest placed person chooses and so on.

"Pin-Offs" qualifiers will play their playoff game at the beginning of the following meeting. For "Pin-Offs" we compare the previous score on a random game and determine which players improved the most. You will be notified during the week if you are a qualifier and if so, please arrive on-time to the next meeting. Late arrivals will not be accomodiated and your "Pin-Off" placement will be forfeit. Winners of "Pin-Offs" receive a $10 Lake Alice gift certificate!

Weekly Game Play Structure:

The first few weeks will consist of 100% random groupings to determine initial seeding for the ladder portion. Beginning in week 4 or 5 we will place everyone into groups based on their rankings to compete directly againsts players of similar skill levels. For each week, as players win their groups they move up to the next higher group. If they lose, they move down to the next lower group.

For the finals week, players will be split into 3 groups: the top 8 players will be placed in A, the next 8 players will be placed in B and the remaining players placed in C. Players with WPPR ranks 250 or better will be restricted from playing in B or C finals.